QUENCH Programme

17th QUENCH Workshop, 22 - 24 November 2011

The objective of the workshop is the presentation and discussion of recent experimental results in the field of reflood of an overheated reactor core and related problems as well as the status of the modelling activities on quenching in the various code systems. Results of the second air ingress experiment QUENCH-16, performed in the framework of the EC-LACOMECO programme, and of the QUENCH-LOCA-0 test as well as the status of the preparations of the upcoming QUENCH-DEBRIS programme will be presented at the first day of the workshop. Half a day will be devoted to recent studies concerning high-temperature behaviour of core materials under severe accident conditions with special emphasis on high-temperature oxidation of various Zr alloys. Furthermore, the status of other international programmes connected to the KIT QUENCH programme is planned to be presented.

List of Participants

Agenda 2011