QUENCH Programme

QUENCH Workshops

The annually organized QUENCH workshop is an international platform on information exchange and discussion of phenomena during loss of coolant accidents (LOCA) and the early phase of severe nuclear accidents, including materials interactions, oxidation and  hydrogen source term at high temperatures as well as coolability and reflood of an overheated reactor core. During the workshop are presented  1) KIT’s current results of bundle experiments and separate-effects tests, 2) modeling and validation of relevant computer codes, and 3) results of other international research programs in this field.


25th 2019

24th 2018

23rd 2017

22nd 2016

21st 2015

20th 2014

19th 2013

18th 2012

17th 2011

16th 2010

15th 2009

14th 2008

13th 2007

12th 2006

11th 2005

10th 2004

9th  2003

8th  2002

7th  2001

6th  2000

5th  1999

4th  1998

3rd  1997

2nd  1996

1st  1995