QUENCH Programme

Agenda 2000


6th International QUENCH Workshop

Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe October 10-12, 2000





Meeting Location:

Fortbildungszentrum für Technik und Umwelt (FTU)



QUENCH Workshop: AULA (Ground floor)
QUENCH ISP Prep. Workshop: Mittlerer Hörsaal (First floor, Room 236)




9.15 h

Welcome and introduction

H. Plitz, FZK


QUENCH FACILITY (Chairman: M. Steinbrück)


9.30 h

Status of the QUENCH Program at FZK

A. Miassoedov, FZK

10.00 h

Water and steam injection in the QUENCH experiments. A first comparison

L. Sepold, FZK

10.30 h



10.50 h

Metallographic post-test examination of the QUENCH-03 test bundle; actual evaluation of QUENCH-04

G. Schanz, FZK

11.20 h

Tests QUENCH-04 and -05; Temperature excursions of the shroud

L. Sepold, FZK

11.40 h

Interpretation and analysis work for QUENCH-03 and QUENCH-04

H. Steiner, FZK

12.10 h

Calculation of QUENCH experiments with SCDAP/RELAP5

Ch. Homann, FZK

12.40 h



EXPERIMENTS (Chairman: A. Miassoedov)


13.30 h

Single rod quench tests with Zr1%Nb cladding

J. Stuckert, FZK

14.00 h

Quench test for the investigation of the 17% oxidation criterion of postulated accidents

L. Maroti, KFKI

14.20 h

The oxidized Zr1%Nb VVER-type fuel rod claddings heat resistance during quenching in loss of the coolant accident conditions

L. Andreeva-Andrievskaya, VNIINM

14.40 h



15.00 h

VVER type fuel rod assembly tests

V. Nalivaev, LUCH SRI

15.20 h

Hydrogen absorption by Zry-4 in steam and steam/hydrogen atmosphere

M. Steinbrück, FZK

15.40 h

Modelling of the Hydrogen Released and Absorbed During Oxidation of Zry at 1100C

A. Denis, CNEA

16.10 h

Hydrogen release kinetics during steam oxidation of Zr1%Nb and Zry-4

L. Matus, KFKI

16.30 h

Metallographic examination of the BTF-105A fuel assembly

H. Nordin, AECL