QUENCH Programme

List of Participants 2012

Family Name First Name Institution Country Presentation Title
Steinbrück Martin KIT Germany 1) Status of QUENCH Program 2) Materials behavior during severe accidents
Sepold Leo Formerly KIT Deutschland  
Stuckert Juri KIT Germany 1) Post-test results of the QUENCH-16 budle test on air ingress: complex cladding oxidation during reflood and combined hydrogen release. 2) Results of the reference bundle test QUENCH-L1 with Zircaloy-4 claddings.
Boldyrev Andrey IBRAE (Nuclear Safety Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences) Russia  
Skarohlid Jan Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Czech Technical University in Prague Czech Republic  
Schmidt Cornelia EnBW Kernkraft GmbH Deutschland  
Shestak Valeriy IBRAE RAS Russia  
Grohé Willi TÜV SÜD Energietechnik GmbH BW Mannheim  
Laier Jutta KIT germany  
Grosse Mirco KIT Germany 1.Neutron Imaging Investigations of the Hydrogen Related Degradation of the Mechanical Properties of Zircaloy-4 Cladding Tubes 2. Analysis of the hydrogen distribution in QUENCH_LOCA cladding tubes
Di Marcello Valentino EC - JRC - Institute for Transuranium Elements Germany  
Konys Jürgen KIT Germany  
Stegmaier Ulrike KIT Germany  
Kazda Radek Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Czech Republic  
Birchley Jonathan Paul Scherrer Institute Switzerland Planning analysis for QUENCH DEBRIS using MELCOR 1.8.6
Baier Markus FH-Aachen Germany  
Van Uffelen Paul European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Transuranium Elements BW  
Fernandez-Moguel Leticia Paul Scherrer Institute Switzerland SARNET-2 WP5 Benchmark on Air Ingress Experiments QUENCH-10, -16
BEUZET Emilie EDF R&D France  
BRACHET Jean-Christophe CEA France I will perhaps (?) be able to make a presentation on "Overview of some on-going CEA/EDF/AREVA R&D on LOCA" - to be confirmed...
Heck Monika KIT Germany  
Balaz Jozef VUJE a.s. Slovakia Assessment of the VVER440 core quenching with respect to upgrade of plant design
Homann Christoph KIT Germany  
Plank Hermann AREVA NP GmbH Germany  
VESHCHUNOV Mikhail IBRAE Russian Federation V.E. Shestak, M.S. Veshchunov, "Development and application of the SVECHA code to analysis of Zr cladding secondary hydriding under LOCA conditions"
Blair Paul Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB Sweden  
Vryashkova Petya Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Power Bulgaria "Modelling of air oxidation in QUENCH-16: effect of oxygen concentration"
Jancovic Juraj VUJE a.s. Slovakia  
Bals Christine GRS Garching Germany  
Duspiva Jiri UJV Rez, a.s. Czech Republic Pre-Test Calculation of QUENCH-DEBRIS Test with Modified MELCOR 1.8.6 Code
Vasiliev Alexander IBRAE Russia Improvements in SOCRAT Air Oxidation Model in Light of QUENCH-10, QUENCH-16 and PARAMETER-SF4 Tests Calculations
CHIKHI Nourdine IRSN FRANCE Debris Bed Characterisation PEARL project advancement
Moch Jürgen KIT Deutschland  
Avincola Valentina KIT Germany Oxidation of silicon carbide in oxygen and water steam at high temperature
Scott Harold USNRC USA  
Fedotov Petr JSC A.A. Bochvar High-Technology Research Institute of Inorganic Materials Russian Federation Oxidation model of E110 alloy under LOCA conditions
Muscher Heinrich KIT Germany „Modeling of QUENCH bundle tests using ASTEC v2.0p2”
Distler Ingrid AREVA NP GmbH Germany  
Sperlich Martin AREVA NP GmbH Germany  
Perez-Feró Erzsébet MTA EK Hungary  
Coindreau Olivia IRSN France Improvements in ICARE/CATHARE debris bed quenching model and validation with experimental results
Novotny Tamás MTA EK Hungary High temperature oxidation of hydrogenated E110G cladding
Steinbock Lothar private germany  
Hagen Siegfried Formerly FZK Germany  
Schubert Arndt EC - JRC - Institute for Transuranium Elements Germany  
Madokoro Hiroshi KIT Germany  
Baier Markus FH-Aachen Germany  
Hollands Thorsten GRS Germany  
Hofmann Peter Formerly KIT Germany  
Lecomte Marylène AREVA NP France  
Schäfer Wolfgang EnBW Kernkraft Germany  
Wensauer Andreas E.ON Kernkraft GmbH Germany  
Pshenichnikov Anton KIT Germany Overview of investigations on bulk distribution of hydrogen absorbed by zirconium alloys
Bratfisch Christian RUB-LEE Germany  
Hoffmann Mathias RUB-LEE Germany  
Schaffer Steffi KIT Germany  
Bottomley David ITU, Karlsruhe Germany Progress in examination of the U-Zr-Fe-O system for the purposes of severe accident research
Ehlkes Lars EnBW Kernkraft GmbH Deutschland  
Knebel Kevin ITU Karlsruhe Germany The revaporisation device at ITU; a review of its capacities, re-equipment and its future work programme.
Dr.-Ing. Salnikova Tatiana AREVA NP GmbH Deutschland  
Badelles Bellver Josep RWE Power AG Deutschland  
Schwarz Wolfgang EnBW Kernkraft GmbH Germany  

(last update 9 November 2012)