QUENCH Programme

Agenda 25th International QUENCH Workshop

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Campus North, H.-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1, 76344 Egg.-Leopoldshafen, Germany
22-24 October 2019

Meeting Location:          Fortbildungszentrum für Technik und Umwelt (FTU), Auditorium (Aula)


Tuesday, 22 Oct 2019

8:00      Pick-up at the hotels (Acora/Kübler)

8:30      Registration

9:00      Welcome W. Tromm/M. Steinbrück, KIT

            International Programs (Chair: M. Steinbrück, KIT)

9:20      Main results of the IAEA Coordinated Research Project on Analysis of Options and Experimental Examination of Fuels
              for Water Cooled Reactors with Increased Accident Tolerance (ACTOF) M.S. Veshchunov, IAEA

9:50      Progress in the OECD TCOFF project in support of Fukushima Decommissioning D. Bottomley, JAEA

10:10    Coffee break (Group Photo)                                                                     

            QUENCH Program: Recent results (Chair: M. Veshchunov)

10:40    Update of the QUENCH program   M. Steinbrück, KIT

11:00    First results of the QUENCH-20 experiment with BWR test bundle  J. Stuckert, KIT

            25 Years QUENCH Program (Chair: T. Haste, Imperial College)

11:20    25 years QUENCH-Program: Highlights of separate-effects tests M. Steinbrück, KIT

12:05    Main results of the QUENCH bundle tests  J. Stuckert, KIT

12:50    Lunch                                                                                                                 

13:50    Investigations of Hydrogen in Cladding Materials by means of Neutron Imaging  M. Grosse, KIT

14:30    Impact of QUENCH Experiments for ISP, Benchmarks and Code Validation   T. Hollands, GRS

15:10    Coffee break                 

            Modelling and code application I (Chair: C. Allison, ISS)

15:40    Simulation of Quench-17 with ATHLET-CD  C. D'Alessandro, GRS

16:00    Comparative analysis of simulations of the air ingress experiments QUENCH-16 and
                   QUENCH-18 using AC² - ATHLET-CD   F. Krist, RUB

16:20    Post-test modelling of the experiment QUENCH-19 with ATF-cladding FeCrAl using SOCRAT code  A. Vasiliev, IBRAE

16:40    Simulation of recent QUENCH experiments with AC2    L. Tiborcz, GRS

17:10    Bus transfer to the hotels

17:15    QUESA meeting (Chair: T. Hollands, GRS; for partners only)


Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

8:00      Pick-up at the hotels (Acora/Kübler)

           Modelling and code application II (Chair: T. Hollands, GRS)

8:40      Pre-test analysis of the QUENCH-20 BWR test with ASTEC S. Wang, KIT

9:00      Preliminary Assessment of the new ASYST - ISA Integral Analysis Code Using Selected Integral Thermal Hydraulic -
             Fuel Assembly Experiments       C. Allison, ISS

9:20      MELCOR Analysis of Separate Effect Test’s with PSI-KIT Nitriding Model  B. Jäckel, PSI

9:50      Evaluation of the process in the BWR and VVER spent fuel pools during severe accident conditions   T. Kaliatka, LEI

10:10    Numerical modelling of in-vessel melt-retention: The LIVE experiments A. Joshi, Imp. College

10:30    Coffee break

11:00    Preliminary results for simulations of the DEBRIS test facility conducted with the Severe Accident
            Analysis Code ASTEC V2.1  J.M. Peschel, RUB

11:20    Anticipated Benefit of CrAl_Coated_Zr Cladding under Beyond Design Basis Accidents  T.-H. Chun, KAERI

             ATF cladding (Chair: M. Grosse, KIT)

11:40    LOCA burst test of FeCrAl-ODS fuel cladding     K. Sakamoto, NFD

12:00    Multi- elemental coatings on Zirconium alloy – INCT oxidation experiments   B. Sartowska, INCT

12:20    Testing of Cr Cold Spray-coated Cladding with Enhanced Accidental Tolerance    M. Sevecek, CTU

12:40    Lunch

13:40    Coated cladding behaviour during high-temperature transients   A. Chalupová, CTU

14:00    Chromium coatings deposited by magnetron sputtering for accident tolerant nuclear fuel cladding   D. Sidelev, TPU

14:20    High-Temperature Oxidation of Chromium-Coated Optimized ZIRLO™ in air and steam   G. Bourdon, CVUT

14:45    Bus to Annweiler, Trifels castle, and invited dinner

ca. 22:00     Arrival at KIT and in hotels


Thursday, 24 Oct 2019

8:00      Pick-up at the hotels (Acora/Kübler)

            ATF cladding cont. (Chair: M. Sevecek, CTU)

8:40      Behavior upon high temperature under steam environment of outer Cr (or inner DLIMO CVD CrCx) coated Zr based
             nuclear fuel claddings   J.-C. Brachet, CEA

9:10      Oxidation and quenching behavior of cold spray Cr-coated Zr alloy fuel cladding  C. Tang, KIT

9:30      Results of corrosion and thermomechanical tests of ATF-cladding samples    A. Mokrushin, LUCH

            Experiments I (Chair: J. Stuckert, KIT)

9:50      High temperature oxidation of cladding material in SFP-LOCA conditions examined with 18O tracer techniques
            and Raman imaging   C. Duriez, IRSN

10:10    The oxidation behavior of Zr-1%Nb cladding alloy in air-steam mixtures J. Krejci, UJP

10:30    Coffee break

11:00    Effect of β-phase composition (heat treatment) and morphology (surface machining) on high temperature and
             pressure oxidation behaviour of Zr-2.5Nb          S.K. Nouduru, BARC

11:20    Towards and Improved Understanding of the Causes of Increased Hydrogen Uptake of Zr based Claddings
             at High Burnups        S. Abolhassani, PSI

11:50    Steam oxidation of hafnium at high temperature       S. Guilbert-Banti, IRSN

12:10    The CODEX-NITRO experiment      R. Farkas, MTA

12:30    Lunch                                                                                                    

            Experiments II (Chair: C. Duriez, IRSN)                                 

13:30    Experimental investigation of the Ag-In-Cd system     M. Barrachin, IRSN

13:50    Physicochemical interaction between U-Zr-O melt and Fe-based structure during core degradation A. Ito, Tokyo IT

14:10    Difference in oxidation behavior of heterogeneous BWR fuel assembly under steam-starved condition  Y. Nagae, JAEA

14:30    Post-test analysis of the CMMR-4 test bundle  H. Madokoro, JAEA

14:50    Status and results of the CLADS-MADE-02 BWR control blade degradation test under steam-rich conditions
             related to 1F Unit 3 accident      A. Pshenichnikov, JAEA-CLADS

15:30    Closure of the Workshop        M. Steinbrück, KIT

16:00    Bus for train station and Hotels