QUENCH Programme


24th International QUENCH Workshop*

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Campus North, H.-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1, 76344 Egg.-Leopoldshafen, Germany
13-15 November 2018

Meeting Location:          Fortbildungszentrum für Technik und Umwelt (FTU), Auditorium (Aula)


Tuesday, 13 November 2018

8:00   Pick-up at the hotels (Acora/Kübler)

8:30   Registration

9:00   Welcome   W. Tromm/M. Steinbrück, KIT

                              International Programs (Chair: M. Steinbrück, KIT)

9:20    IAEA Activities in the Area of Nuclear Power Reactor Fuel Engineering   M.S. Veshchunov, IAEA

9:40    CoreSOAR project on update of the Core Degradation State-of-the-Art Report: Summary and Conclusions   T. Haste, IRSN

10:10  An Update on the SAREF/ Pre-ADES projects    D. Bottomley, JAEA

10:30  Coffee break (Group Photo)                                                                     

                              QUENCH Program I (Chair: M. Veshchunov)

11:00   Update of the QUENCH program     M. Steinbrück, KIT

11:30   First Results of the QUENCH-18 Post-Test Benchmark in the Frame of the NUGENIA QUESA Project   T. Hollands, GRS

12:00   Interpretative analysis of QUENCH-18 using SCDAPSim/Mod3.5/psi  J. Birchley, consultant

12:35   Post-Test Modelling of the Concurrent Steam-Air Experiment QUENCH-ALISA Using SOCRAT Code  A. Vasiliev, IBRAE

13:00   Lunch                    

                              QUENCH Program II (Chair: T. Haste, IRSN)

14:00   Post-test calculation results of QUENCH-18 experiment using different RELAP/SCDAPSIM Mod3.5 code versions 
            and different Zr oxidation correlations  T. Kaliatka, LEI

14:20    First results of the bundle test QUENCH-19 with FeCrAl claddings   J. Stuckert, KIT

14:50    Pre- and Post-Test Simulations of the ATF Experiment QUENCH-19 with AC2   T. Hollands, GRS

15:20    Coffee break                                                                                                   

15:50    Status and first results of the BWR control blade degradation test under steam-starved conditions    A. Pshenichnikov, JAEA

16:30    Bus transfer to the hotels


Wednesday, 14 November 2018

8:20       Pick-up at the hotels (Acora/Kübler)

                              MODELLING AND CODE APPLICATION I (Chair: C. Allison, ISS)

9:00       Uncertainty Analysis of QUENCH-06 Experiment Using RELAP-SCDAPSIM A. Ali, EAEA

9:20       Comparative analysis of simulation results for the bundle tests QUENCH-07 and QUENCH-09 conducted with the
              Severe Accident Analysis Code ASTEC V2.1    J.M. Peschel, RUB

9:40       Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis by means of ASTEC/URANIE platform of the QUENCH-08 Experiment    F. Gabrielli, KIT

10:00     Validation of ASTEC2.1 using VVER QUENCH-12 Experiment   A.K. Mercan, KIT

10:20     Coffee break

                              MODELLING AND CODE APPLICATION II (Chair: J. Birchley, consultant)

10:50      Numerical simulation of QUENCH-15 experiment with SOCRAT/V1 code   M. Philippov, IBRAE

11:10      RELAP/SCDAPSIM Code Re-Assessment - Integrated Uncertainty Analysis of CORA-13 and other
               Selected CORA PWR Experiments         S. Asmaa, Alexandria Uni

11:30      Integrated Uncertainty analysis of selected CORA BWR experiments   R. Mustafa, JAEC

11:50      RELAP5 MOD3.4 with IUA LOFT L3-7 Experiment   B. Kedzierska, TU Warsaw

12:10      PSI-KIT Nitriding Model with Validation Calculations  B. Jäckel, PSI

12:30      Lunch

                              EXPERIMENTS (Chair: L. Ott, ORNL)

13:30      Behavior of nitrogen with oxidized zirconium - Findings and Remaining Questions   S. Park, ACT

13:50      Effect of flow rate on the oxidation behavior of zirconium cladding under oxygen and air at 1000°C    G. Kim, HGU

14:10      High Temperature Oxidation of Sponge-based E110 Cladding Alloy in Air    P. Vrbka, CTU

14:25      Recent activities for analyses of PWR cladding during LOCA condition      H. Wu, HUST

14:40      Bus to Speyer and invited dinner

ca. 22:00            Arrival at KIT and in hotels


Thursday, 15 November 2018

8:20       Pick-up at the hotels (Acora/Kübler)

                              EXPERIMENTS cont. (Chair: J. Stuckert, KIT)

9:00       Overview of R&D Progress on Cladding Behavior under LOCA condition in CIAE   X. He, CIAE

9:20       The CODEX-AIT-3 integral air ingress experiment      N. Ver, MTA

                              ATF cladding materials (Chair: T. Liu, CGNPC)

9:50       An overview of high-temperature oxidation behavior of various ATF cladding candidates in steam      C. Tang, KIT

10:20     Overview of recent CEA-Framatome-EDF results obtained on Cr-coated M5 cladding tested upon
              LOCA conditions     J.-C. Brachet, CEA

10:50      Coffee break

11:20      Experimental behavior of Cr-coated claddings      J. Krejci, UJP

11:40      Zirconium alloy coatings with Si based compounds – INCT experiments  B. Sartowska, INCT

12:00      Silicon concentration changes in Zry-2 coated with Zr-Si and ZrSi2-Cr during the autoclave oxidation tests    
               A. Krześniak, INCT

12:20      High Temperature Interaction of SiC with Zircaloy-4       M. Große, KIT

12:50      Closure of the Workshop       M. Steinbrück, KIT

13:00      Lunch                                                                                                                       

14:00      Bus for train station and Hotels                                                                   


14:00      CoreSOAR Progress Meeting (only for project partners)      T. Haste, IRSN


*In Cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)