QUENCH Programme

Agenda of the 21st QUENCH Workshop

Meeting Location:  Fortbildungszentrum für Technik und Umwelt (FTU), Auditorium (Aula)


Tuesday, 27 Oct 2015

8:00 Pick-up at the hotels (Acora/Kübler)
8:20 Registration
9:00 Welcome M. Steinbrück, KIT
W. Tromm, KIT
QUENCH-LOCA (Chair: A. Wensauer, E.ON)
9:20 Update of the QUENCH program M. Steinbrück, KIT
9:50 First results of the bundle test QUENCH-LOCA-3 with optimized ZIRLO™ claddings J. Stuckert, KIT
10:10 Results of Neutron Imaging Investigations of QUENCH-LOCA Claddings M. Grosse, KIT
10:30 Coffee break (Group Photo)
11:10 Post-test investigations of the QUENCH-LOCA-4 bundle (hydrogenated M5® claddings) J. Stuckert, KIT
11:40 Simulation of QUENCH-L2 with ATHLET-CD T. Hollands, GRS
12:00 Severe Accident Test Station And FeCrAl Alloy Development S. Dryepondt, ORNL
12:30 High temperature steam oxidation of potential cladding materials-FeCrAl alloy and Ti2AlC MAX phase C. Tang, KIT
12:50 Lunch
13:50 FeCrAl Accident Tolerant Fuel Response during BWR Severe Accidents K. Robb, ORNL
14:10 Modification of the surface layer of zirconium alloys using high intense pulsed plasma beams (HIPPB) B. Sartowska, INCT
14:30 High temperature oxidation of polycrystalline diamond and CrAlSiN coated zirconium alloy J. Škarohlíd, TU Prague
14:50 Coffee break
15:20 Silicon Carbide Composites Tests for LWRs and GFRs in the Frame of the MatISSE Project V. Angelici Avincola, KIT
15:40 Potential of glasses as solders for joining of silicon carbide components via laser process S. Ahmad, KIT
16:00 Time for discussion
ca. 16:30 Bus transfer to the hotels


Wednesday, 28 Oct 2015

8:20 Pick-up at the hotels (Acora/Kübler)
9:00 The IAEA/FUMAC project and related developments of the TRANSURANUS code A. Schubert, ITU
9:20 Development and validation of RELAP/SCDAPSIM modeling improvements to support Fukushima related decommissioning activities R. Pericas, ISS
pres. by C. Allison
9:40 Development of improved RELAP/SCDAPSIM models and user guidelines for the analysis of late phases of severe accidents in a CANDU reactor R-M. Nistor-Vlad, PU Bucharest
10:00 CFD-Modeling of radioactive aerosols emission by fuel containing masses of the Chernobyl NPP destroyed reactor P. Krukovskyi, IET
10:20 Modelling approach for atmosphere ingress into a damaged fuel rod – First Concept C. Bratfisch, RUB
10:40 Coffee break
11:10 Preliminary ASTEC V2.1 Validation of CORA-17 BWR Experiment F. Gremme, RUB
11:30 Validation of ASTECV2.1.0 based on the QUENCH-08 experiment I. Gómez García-Toraño, KIT
11:50 Severe accident analysis of a SB-LOCA scenario in a 72-type BWR Plant with ATHLET-CD V. Di Marcello, KIT
EXPERIMENTS I (Chair: P. Blair, Westinghouse)
12:10 An Experimental Program under Consideration focusing on BWR Core-Material-Relocation Behavior using Non-Transfer Plasma Heating I. Sato, JAEA
12:30 Degradation test using control blade applied for BWRs in Japan H. Shibata, JAEA
12:50 Reaction experiment on core-melt/concrete interface under temperature gradient A. Sudo, JAEA
13:10 Lunch
14:10 Bus to the Hochdorf Celtic Museum and invited dinner
ca. 21:00 Departure to hotels and KIT


Thursday, 29 Oct 2015

8:20 Pick-up at the hotels (Acora/Kübler)
9:00 Proposal for a mechanistic model of the reaction of zirconium in air or steam/nitrogen atmospheres M. Große, KIT
9:30 The effect of flow rate and partial pressure on the oxidation of Zircaloy-4 in air Y. Maeng, HGU
9:45 The effect of flow rate and partial pressure on the oxidation of Zircaloy-4 in N2-steam mixtures J. Sung, HGU
10:00 Effect of nitriding and reoxidation of pre-oxidized Zry-4 S. Park, PSI
10:25 Porosimetry of Zr-based fuel claddings oxidized in nuclear severe accident conditions F. Haurais, EDF
10:50 Coffee break
11:20 JAEA studies on Spent Fuel Pool Severe Accident. (1) Results of cladding air oxidation experiments Y. Nemoto, JAEA
EXPERIMENTS II (Chair: C. Allison, ISS)
11:40 JAEA studies on Spent Fuel Pool Severe Accident. (2) Thermal-hydraulic Research Plan for Evaluating Capability of Spray Cooling T. Nagatake, JAEA
12:00 Investigation of cesium chemisorption behavior on the stainless steel surface K. Nakajima, JAEA
EXPERIMENTS III (Chair: J. Stuckert, KIT)
12:20 High-temperature steam oxidation kinetics of the new E110G cladding alloy M. Király, MTA
12:40 Methodological aspects of E110 alloy hydrogenation, oxidation and mechanical tests for embrittlement threshold determination D. Ignatyev, LUCH
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Structural parameters of ductile to brittle transition of E110 alloy after pre-hydrogenation and high temperature oxidation A. Mokrushin, LUCH
14:20 Orientation relationships of δ-hydrides in zirconium and Zircaloy-4 A. Pshenichnikov, KIT
14:50 Neutron Radiography investigation of hydrogen diffusion in Zry-2 and Zr-2.5Nb at operation temperatures J. Santisteban, CNEA
pres. by M. Große
15:10 Closure of the Workshop M. Steinbrück, KIT
15:30 Bus for train station and Hotels

Supported by Alliance for Competence in Nuclear Technology Germany