QUENCH Programme

List of Participants

Family Name First Name Institution Country Presentation Title
Abolhassani Sousan Paul Scherrer Institut Switzerland Recent Studies on the Mechanism of Zr Oxidation
Bals Christine GRS Garching Germany  
Belovsky Ladislav ALIAS CZ s.r.o. Czech republic  
Beuzet Emilie EDF R&D France  
Birchley Jonathan Paul Scherrer Institute Switzerland Analysis of PARAMETER Bundle Experiments using SCDAP/RELAP5
Blair Paul Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB Sweden  
Boldyrev Andrey IBRAE Russia  
Bottomley David ITU KARLRUHE Germany Investigations on resin radiolysis & degradation by irradiated fuel & debris
Buck Michael IKE Universität Stuttgart Germany  
Chikhi Nourdine IRSN FRANCE Reflooding a damaged core at high temperature: calculation of QUENCH-03 test with ICARE-CATHARE V2 code
Distler Ingrid AREVA NP GmbH Germany  
Ducousso Erik AREVA NP SAS France  
Duspiva Jiri Nuclear Research Institute Rez plc. Czech Republic Quench-12 Bundle Test Simulation with MELCOR Code
Erdmann Walter Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) Germany  
Fedotov Petr VNIINM Russian Federation The Post-Quench Ductility of E110 Alloy ((Cancelled))
Fernandez Moguel Leticia Paul Scherrer Institute Switzerland Analysis of QUENCH-L0 using SCDAP/RELAP and SCDAP/Sim
Freis Daniel Westinghouse Electric Germany Germany  
Grohé Willi TÜV SÜD Energietechnik GmbH Baden-Württemberg Germany  
Grosse Mirco KIT Germany In-situ neutron radiography investigations of the hydrogen uptake and diffusion in zirconium alloys
Hagen Siegfried Privat Germany  
Heck Monika KIT Germany  
Herb Joachim Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) mbH Germany  
Hoffmann Mathias RUB-LEE Germany  
Hofmann Peter Privat Germany  
Hohorst Judith Innovative Systems Software ISS United States  
Hollands Thorsten GRS Germany Post-Test Calculations of Parameter SF-4 using ATHLET-CD
Homann Christoph KIT Germany  
Ignatyev Dmitry NPO LUCH Russian Federation LOCA Bundle Tests at PARAMETER Facility. New Experimental Results.
Kiselev Arkady IBRAE RAN Russia The main results and conclusions of the VVER fuel assemblies tests under severe accident conditions in the large-scale PARAMETER facility
Konys Jürgen KIT Germany  
Kruse Philipp RUB Germany Simulation of the Fuel Rod Bundle Test QUENCH-11 Using the Integral Code ASTEC
Laier Jutta KIT Germany  
Le Saux Matthieu CEA Saclay France  
Leineweber Thilo AREVA NP GmbH Germany  
Maliverney Bernard EDF R&D France  
Miassoedov Alexei KIT Germany  
Moch Jürgen KIT Germany  
Muscher Heinrich KIT Germany KIT modelling activities on hydrogen uptake/release of solid and molten Zr alloys
Nagy Imre AEKI Hungary QUENCH test with slow oxidation in air
Palagin Alexander KIT Germany  
Prestel Stefen KIT  Germany  
Repetto Georges Institut de Radioprotection et de sureté Nucléaire FRANCE Status of the PRELUDE experiments
Rössger Conrad KIT Germany  
Schmidt Cornelia EnBW Kernkraft GmbH Germany  
Schubert Arndt European Commission, JRC, Institute for Transuranium Elements (ITU) Germany  
Scott Harold USNRC USA  
Sepold Leo Formerly KIT Germany  
Spencer Justin McMaster University Canada Assessment of New Modelling in RELAP/SCDAPSIM Using Results from QUENCH-06
Spykman Gerold TÜV NORD EnSys Hannover GmbH & Co. KG Germany  
Stegmaier Ulrike KIT Germany M5 single effect tests on water and steam cooling
Steinbock Lothar private Germany  
Steinbrück Martin KIT Germany 1) Status of the QUENCH Programme
2) New results on the mechanism of oxidation of Zr alloys in air
Stuckert Juri KIT Germany 1) Bundle reflood tests QUENCH-14 and QUENCH-15 with advanced cladding materials: comparable overview;
2) Results of the commissioning bundle test QUENCH-L0 performed under LOCA conditions.
Van Uffelen Paul European Commission, Joint Research Centre, ITU Germany  
Vasiliev Alexander IBRAE Russia Posttest Modelling of QUENCH-LOCA0 Test Using SOCRAT/V3 Code
Veshchunov Mikhail IBRAE Russian Federation SFPR code models for basic physical phenomena related to LOCA
Walter Mario KIT Germany  
Yudina Tatiana IBRAE RAN Russia Pre- and posttest calculations of PARAMETER-SF4 test