QUENCH Programme

Participants 2018

Family Name First Name Institution Country Presentation Title
Algama Don US-NRC USA  
Allison Chris Innovative Systems Software United States  
Austregesilo Henrique GRS Germany  
Bals Christine GRS Garching Germany  
Birchley Jonathan Independent England Interpretative analysis of QUENCH-18 using SCDAPSim/Mod3.5/psi
Bottomley David JAEA Japan An Update on the SAREF/ Pre-ADES projects
Brachet Jean-Christophe CEA, Université Paris-Saclay France Overview of recent CEA-Framatome-EDF results obtained on Cr-coated M5 cladding tested upon LOCA conditions    
Fargette Andre FRAMATOME France  
Gabrielli Fabrizio KIT Germany Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis by means of ASTEC/URANIE platform of the QUENCH-08 Experiment   
Gremme Florian Ruhr-Universität Bochum Germany  
Grosse Mirco KIT Germany High Temperature Interaction of SiC with Zircaloy-4       
Hagen Siegfried Former FZK Germany  
Haste Tim IRSN France CoreSOAR project on update of the Core Degradation State-of-the-Art Report: Summary and Conclusions
He Xiaojun China Institute of Atomic Energy P.R.China Overview of R&D Progress on Cladding Behavior under LOCA condition in CIAE  
Hollands Thorsten GRS Germany First Results of the QUENCH-18 Post-Test Benchmark in the Frame of the NUGENIA QUESA Project; and Pre- and Post-Test Simulations of the ATF Experiment QUENCH-19 with AC2  
Howell Jutta KIT Germany  
Jäckel Bernd Paul-Scherrer-Institut Switzerland PSI-KIT Nitriding Model with Validation Calculations  
Kaliatka Tadas Lithuanian Energy Institute Lithuania Post-test calculation results of QUENCH-18 experiment using different RELAP/SCDAPSIM Mod3.5 code versions and different Zr oxidation correlations  
Kedzierska Barbara Innovative Systems Software United States RELAP5 MOD3.4 with IUA LOFT L3-7 Experiment
Kim Seok KAERI Korea, Republic of  
Kim Gippeum Handong Global University South Korea Effect of flow rate on the oxidation behavior of zirconium cladding under oxygen and air at 1000°C   
Krejci Jakub UJP PRAHA a.s. Czech Republic Experimental behavior of Cr-coated claddings
Krześniak Andrzej Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology Poland Silicon concentration changes in Zry-2 coated with Zr-Si and ZrSi2-Cr during the autoclave oxidation tests
Laier Jutta KIT Germany  
Le Belguet Alix EDF R&D France  
Lee Jaebong KAERI Rep. of Korea  
Li L ei China Nuclear Power Technology Research CO. LTD. China  
Lind Terttaliisa Paul Scherrer Institute Switzerland  
Madokoro Hiroshi KIT Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen  
Matocha Vitezslav UJV Rez Czech Republic  
Mercan Ahmet Kagan KIT Germany Validation of ASTEC2.1 using VVER QUENCH-12 Experiment
Moch Jürgen KIT Germany  
Muscher Heinrich KIT Germany  
Mustafa Rawan ISS USA Integrated Uncertainty analysis of selected CORA BWR experiments   
Mustafa Rawan Mansour Mohammad Innovative Systems Software United States  
Ott Larry ORNL USA  
Park Sanggil HGU/ACT (Korea), PSI (previously) South Korea Behavior of nitrogen with oxidized zirconium - Findings and Remaining Questions  
Peschel Jan Mathis RUB Germany Comparative analysis of simulation results for the bundle tests QUENCH-07 and QUENCH-09 conducted with the Severe Accident Analysis Code ASTEC V2.1
Philippov Mikhail IBRAE Russia Numerical simulation of QUENCH-15 experiment with SOCRAT/V1 code 
Pshenichnikov Anton JAEA-CLADS Japan Status and first results of the BWR control blade degradation test under steam-starved conditions    
Raqué Manuel Eidgenössisches Nuklearsicherheitsinspektorat  Schweiz  
Salem Asmaa Alexandria University Egypt RELAP/SCDAPSIM Code Re-Assessment - Integrated Uncertainty Analysis of CORA-13 and other Selected CORA PWR Experiments        
Sanchez Victor KIT Germany  
Sartowska Bożena Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology Poland Zirconium alloy coatings with Si based compounds – INCT experiments 
Schubert Arndt European Commission, Joint Research Centre Germany  
Shisheng Wang KIT Germany  
Skarohlid Jan Czech Technical University Czech republic  
Stegmaier Ulrike KIT Germany  
Steinbrück Martin KIT Deutschland Update of the QUENCH program
Stuckert Juri KIT Germany First results of the bundle test QUENCH-19 with FeCrAl claddings  
Tang Chongchong KIT Germany An overview of high-temperature oxidation behavior of various ATF cladding candidates in steam     
Tiborcz Livia GRS Germany  
Van Uffelen Paul European Commission, Joint Research Centre Germany  
Vasiliev Alexander IBRAE Russia Post-Test Modelling of the Concurrent Steam-Air Experiment QUENCH-ALISA Using SOCRAT Code
Ver Nora Hungarian Academy of Sciences Hungary The CODEX-AIT-3 integral air ingress experiment     
Veshchunov Mikhail IAEA Austria IAEA Activities in the Area of Nuclear Power Reactor Fuel Engineering
Vrbka Pavel CTU Prague CZ High Temperature Oxidation of Sponge-based E110 Cladding Alloy in Air   
Wang Shisheng KIT Germany  
Wolff Marc Eidgenössisches Nuklearsicherheitsinspektorat ENSI Switzerland  
Wu Hsingtzu Huazhong University of Science and Technology China Recent activities for analyses of PWR cladding during LOCA condition     
Yamashita Shinichiro JAEA Japan