QUENCH Programme

Participants 2016

Nr. Family Name First Name Institution Country Presentation Title
1 Steinbrück Martin KIT Germany Update of the QUENCH program
2 Ehlkes Lars EnBW Kernkraft GmbH Deutschland  
3 Wensauer Andreas PreussenElektra GmbH Germany  
4 Nagy Richard MTA EK Budapest  
5 GABRIELLI Fabrizio Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany  
6 Besenböck Wolfgang TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH Deutschland  
7 Skarohlid Jan Czech Technical University in Prague Czech republic  
8 LE Bao Tran University of Science, VNUHCM Vietnam RELAP/SCDAPSIM/MOD3.5 Analysis of PHEBUS FPT-3 Bundle Heating and Melting Experiment with Irradiated Fuel and B4C Control Rod
9 Fernandez-Moguel Leticia Paul Scherrer Institute Switzerland  
10 Hohorst Judith "Judy" Innovative Systems Software United States Summary and Assessment of New Models in RELAP/SCDAPSIM
11 Schäfer Wolfgang EnBW Kernkraft Deutschland  
12 Don Algama US-NRC USA  
13 Alatrash Yazan Paul Sherrer Institut switzerland  
14 Hagen Siegfried Former FZK Deutschland  
15 Grosse Mirco Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Deutschland In-situ Investigations of the Hydrogen Uptake of Zry-4 and E110 during Steam Oxidation
16 Nagy Imre MTA EK Hungary CODEX LOCA Test Series
17 HASTE Tim IRSN France Lessons learnt from late phase core degradation experiments in Russia, 1996-2016
18 Tang Chongchong Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany Deposition and high-temperature oxidation behavior of Ti2AlC coated Zircaloy-4
19 Stegmaier Ulrike KIT Germany  
20 Moch Jürgen A. KIT Deutschland  
21 Belly Laura KIT Germany  
22 Laier Jutta KIT Germany  
23 Hollands Thorsten GRS Germany Pre-test Calculations of QUENCH-ALISA with ATHLET-CD
24 Weber Sebastian GRS Germany  
25 Lovasz Liviusz GRS Germany Improvement of the Melt Relocation Modelling in ATHLET-CD and the Application on a Postulated BWR Scenario
26 Bals Christine GRS Garching Germany  
27 Lee Cheol Min UNIST Korea Effects of High Temperature Pre-Oxide on High Temperature Steam Oxidation Behavior of a Zirconium Alloy
29 Vasiliev Alexander IBRAE Russia Pre-Test Modelling of the Concurrent Steam-Air Ingress Experiment QUENCH-ALISA Using the SOCRAT Code
30 Ott Larry Oak Ridge National Laboratory (retired) USA  
31 Heck Monika KIT GER  
32 Sawabe Takashi CRIEPI JAPAN  
33 SARTOWSKA Bożena Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology Poland Experiments with zirconium alloy coatings using Si based compounds
34 Pulvermacher Samuel IAM Germany  
35 Kaliatka Tadas Lithuanian Energy Institute Kaunas Modeling of QUENCH 10 and 16 Experiments on Air Ingress Using RELAP/SCDAPSIM mod 3.5
37 Ignatyev Dmitry SIA LUCH Russia High temperature oxidation of Chromium coated zirconium nuclear fuel claddings
38 Matocha Vítězslav ÚJV Řež, a.s. Czech Republic  
39 Dieterle Stefan KIT Deutschland  
40 Mokrushin Andrey SIA LUCH Russia Quench influence on structure and mechanical properties of E110 fuel claddings in LOCA conditions
41 Stuckert Juri KIT Germany First results of the bundle test QUENCH-L5 with pre-hydrogenated optimized ZIRLO™ claddings.
42 Pericas Raimon Innovative Systems Software United States  
43 Jannot Emmanuel AREVA GmbH Germany  
44 Bazyuk Sergey FSUE "SRI SIA "LUCH" Russia Reflooding investigation of model LWR fuel assemblies and debris beds under LOCA conditions
45 Van Uffelen Paul European Commission Germany  
46 Blair Paul Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB Sweden  
47 Schubert Arndt European Commission, Joint Research Centre Germany  
48 Muscher Heinrich KIT Germany Towards ASTEC Modeling of the QUENCH-LOCA-1 Experiment.
49 Li Wenjie Institute of Transuranium Germany  
50 Pshenichnikov Anton private Germany  
51 D'Alessandro Christophe Institute of Nuclear Technology and Energy Systems, University of Stuttgart Germany Overview of experimental and analytical research activities regarding core debris coolability
52 Yilmaz Özlem Institute of Nuclear Technology and Energy Systems (IKE), University of Stuttgart Germany  
53 Bratfisch Christian RUB Germany Modelling of gas exchange through defective fuel rod claddings to extent ATHLET-CD (tentative)
54 Gremme Florian Ruhr-Universität Bochum Germany  
55 Fargette Andre AREVA NP France  
56 Nigbur Corbinian Universität Stuttgart Germany  
57 Haurais Florian EDF R&D France Improvement of the MAAP Oxidation Model of Zr-based Claddings by Simulating their Porosity in Severe Accident Conditions
59 Glaser Jürgen KIT - IAM/AWP D  
60 Duriez Christian IRSN France Studies on cladding high temperature oxidation for spent fuel pool accidents
61 Pandazis Peter GRS Germany  
62 sanchez victor KIT Germany  
63 Wang Shisheng KIT Germany